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Medicaid Eligibility Appeals and Recovery Defense

Medicaid Appeals Attorney, Lawyer in RIchmond Virginia, 1518 Willow Lawn Drive Richmond, Virginia, 23230

MEDICAID…aside from the tax code, could there be a more complicated set of rules and guidelines? If anything can make you want to bang your head against the wall, Medicaid eligibility might be it.

Maybe you’ve applied for Medicaid for yourself or a family member and you received a denial notice. If you’re confused about why you were denied, it might help to speak with someone with years of Medicaid experience.

Or, maybe you’ve already had an established Medicaid case for yourself of your children, and you’ve recently received a termination notice. Don’t miss the opportunity to exercise your right to appeal a negative Virginia Medicaid decision.

Worse yet, maybe you’ve had benefits but Medicaid now wants you to repay money spent on your benefits because they’ve determined you to be ineligible? If you’re being accused of fraud by Medicaid, it may be wise to consult with an attorney and not go it alone.

SBStewart Law can help you by reviewing your Medicaid application for accurate information, and explaining the reason Medicaid issued your denial. We can also advise you about your right to appeal the denial or termination by Virginia Medicaid.

Our firm can also assist you in defending yourself against Medicaid recovery actions and allegations of fraud.

While we can’t make any guarantees of eligibility, we can de-mystify the process and help you understand and exercise your rights.

Medicaid Appeals Attorney, Lawyer in RIchmond Virginia, 1518 Willow Lawn Drive Richmond, Virginia, 23230

Years ago, it was common to go in and speak to a caseworker who would personally help you in completing your application. With today’s technological advantages and the move to have everyone apply online or by phone, there’s less personalized service, and arguably less opportunity for an applicant to make sure they’ve completed everything correctly.  With the automation of the eligibility process, sometimes there can be mistakes or “system errors.”  Don’t miss out on benefits you may be entitled to because of an error in your application, or a system error. Have your case reviewed by a professional with years of experience.

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Don’t try and learn Medicaid policy overnight. That will just lead to more frustration and you may not get all your questions answered. Talk to a professional with years of Virginia Medicaid experience. Call SBStewart Law and let us help simplify the process for you.

We can explain your appeal rights, and even represent you in your appeal if you want an advocate on your side.

Let Attorney Stewart use her years of Medicaid experience on your behalf. Call SBStewart Law, PLLC today to set up your consultation at 804-572-4356 or contact us here.   The consultation is an investment of $50, which is the fraction of the cost that most law firms charge.