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Thinking of joining a “Powerball Office Pool” for that HUGE Powerball Payout?? READ THIS FIRST!

So you are thinking about getting into a powerball office pool with your co-workers, so that you can buy more tickets together, which will possibly…….just possibly give you a better chance of hitting the big jackpot.

Just in case you enter into an office pool with your co-workers here are the TOP FIVE tips about how to minimize the risks (and potential stress) of participating in an office lottery pool.
1. Who’s in charge? Choose a spokesperson and or mouthpiece that can handle all aspects of the purchase: collecting money, purchasing and safeguarding tickets

2. If this leader plans to buy PERSONAL tickets, make sure the tickets are designated BEFORE the drawing. Not many people could resist the possibility of having the entire jackpot to themselves, versus sharing it with a bunch of people you don’t really like. In fact, this leads to number three:

3. Make copies of all Powerball office pool tickets. Everyone in the pool should have a copy of the tickets purchased with the pooled money. (Remember, the original tickets should be safeguarded with a trustworthy person designated as the organizer or leader of the pool)

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4. Know who’s participating – make a list of people who are participating (i.e. who have actually PAID their money). Can you imagine sharing the jackpot with someone who only put in with an “IOU”? No way…put the list in writing, and make sure each member has one.

5. Check your HR policy – If your office has a policy prohibiting such activities within the office, you might want to know about that. You’d hate to not only lose the jackpot, but then be called down and reprimanded by HR, right? Of course, if you all end up winning, you probably won’t care so much about this one. But it’s better to go in knowing your potential risks. If there is such a policy, just schedule your pow wow for after working hours, and off company premises.

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